Take control of your supplier risks and comply with NIS-2 within a day

The 3rdRisk platform offers comprehensive supplier risk management capabilities, allowing you to manage supplier relationships and mitigate potential risks confidently. With powerful tools and intuitive features, our platform provides the insights and control you need to protect your business and comply with NIS-2.



Supplier onboarding

Streamline the onboarding process for new suppliers, and perform due diligence to assess their risk level and compliance .


Compliance management

Manage compliance requirements across your supplier network, including regulatory requirements, obligations, and policies.


Risk assessments

Conduct ongoing risk assessments of your suppliers to ensure they meet your standards and comply with regulations.


Incident management

Efficiently manage incidents and remediation activities when issues or incidents occur with a supplier.


Continuous monitoring

Continuously monitor vendor activities and performance to quickly identify and respond to potential issues.


Reporting and analytics

Gain insights and measure the effectiveness of your program through detailed reporting and analytics.